1972: born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany
1981: piano lessons & music theory training (until 1988)
1983: making my first movies – had no camera – so I drew them on paper strips
1985: my first synthesizer
1988: my first rock band as keyboard player and singer
1993: working as a roadie for live concerts – releasing first CD with my band
1994: quitting my band, starting to learn about scoring and screenwriting
1994: writing and performing music for a theater production
1995: finishing my first screenplay and score suite mock-up “The Narrator”
1996: second and third score suites “Juggernaut’s Walk” & “Der Fl├╝gelschlag des Schmetterlings” based on screenplays
1997: fourth score suite “Three Corpses and One Coffin”
1997: releasing soundtrack “Loopmaster” on Los Angeles-based Columbine Records
2001: starting label em play records (LC13673)
2002: “Babadeng” remix for Woody van Eyden/ATB project re-flex, released on clubbgroove/Kontor Records
2003: quitting my day time job
2004: producing EKP films and music videos for Ripley & Jenson album release
2005: score intro for Ripley & Jenson music video “King Jupiter”
2005/2006: co-operation with the makers of FL Studio music software
2006: starting second label Cameo Tunes (LC15018) with two partners
2007: Cameo Tunes release “Neverland” spends three weeks at number one spot in Swiss Dance Charts, our music video for “Mind Stalker” gets banned for brutality we didn’t even show (it was just happening in their heads)
2008: writing music for Native Instruments product presentation
2009: writing music for Continental product presentation – writing a 110-minute musical you can listen to while biking between landmarks in Berlin
2009/2010 various remixes for Roomboys Records
2013 finishing my fifth screenplay “Zappenduster”
2015 re-scoring a 1943 educational film about the industrial revolution
2016 score suite for TV show concept “Blood Run Cold”
2017 score suite “The Bromance of Pete & Gary” based on a spec script
2018 music score pre-production on various live action short films